Papu Ji, The Bee Keeper

My journey has led me to Papu ji, the Bee Keeper who lives on the banks of the river Dhansiri. In him I found the likeness of Vasudeva, the Ferryman. I spoke to him, as did Siddhartha to Vasudeva, and the image of him listening to me with his deep and receiving eyes, unflinching in their devotion to my soul as we sat on the mud floor of his house — his squatting stance getting heavier, deeper, and acquiring the steadiness of a deep calm with every word that he received from me– left me feeling as relieved and grateful as Siddhartha. When I finished, I found his entire being devoted to me – there was not a movement in his eyes or body as they continued to remain calm, open, and waiting to receive all that I had to say. Even after I finished, he remained intent in his deep and receiving gaze, hugging his knees close to his chest. His breathing was as deep and steady as I have ever known. I felt the power of this moment and silently took in the ambience because I know that the Bee Keeper would have no words to offer in return after offering me his receiving soul. I felt the cool mud of his floor, saw the few sun’s rays that made it through the cloudy skies enter the pak ghar in which we sat, felt the loving simplicity of his home, which I longed for. Slowly, as if I could feel every little piece of his being disengage from the devotion of listening and receiving so deeply, Papu ji began to emerge from his stance to say, “Chaliye, Tribedy ji”, for we now had to make the journey to Boisahabi Tea Estate, where he would setup a box for bee keeping for me.