References in Words …

“Miles never overplayed. Miles never felt the need to prove himself to anyone by playing fast, though obviously he could. He just laid back in the pocket and said what he wanted to say. Clearly, concisely and without pretense. For me this is what a true Master does. He gets his point across so that anyone can understand…” (Gerard Guitarist, comment on Miles Davis – So What (Offical Video))

Jerry Garcia to Bill Kreutzmann: “Bill, remember, play full value. Make four beats really be a full four beats. Don’t rush to the end of the bar.” 

“One of the ferryman’s greatest virtues was that he knew how to listen like few other people. Without a word from Vasudeva, the speaker felt that the ferryman took in his words, silent, open, waiting, missing none, impatient for none, neither praising nor blaming, but only listening. Siddhartha felt what happiness it is to unburden himself to such a listener, to sink his own life into this listener’s heart, his own  seeking, his own suffering.” (From the chapter Ferryman in the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse)