[2009] Living by the Jura mountains…

I once lived in a beautiful farm at the foothills of the Jura mountains. Maa also visited me and we felt at home living on a farm in Chevry. From such a home we made visits to Chamonix and Geneva, and, of course CERN, where I worked then (which does not feel as poetic because CERN was very stressful hardwork for me then).
Above all, my fondest memories are waking Maa up to coffee and jazz (Dave Brubeck’s Take Five) in the cool fall mornings, walking around the country side, and visiting local farmer markets and local provinces of Ferney and Gex. I did not know till now when I am living with Maa that what an amazing and skilled farmer she is, and therefore could not fathm the depths of her delight as she observed the cows, livestock, and farms of the countryside.
For such times, to feel at home in a land far away, I am grateful. I am grateful for Yannick Auffret and his lovely family in whose farm I made a home and whose love and natural beauty kept my soul warm through some very difficult and testing times.