“[…] there were others like Jones who worked to keep the peace that night.”

Following is from the full story published on National Public Radio on March 31, 2018: https://www.npr.org/2018/03/31/598503617/remembering-robert-f-kennedys-speech-after-martin-luther-king-s-assassination

When Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated “There was unrest in more than 60 U.S. cities – what’s now known as the Holy Week Uprising. But Indianapolis was relatively calm.”

Because there were men like Reggies Jones who “took the guys back to School 63 on the South Side, and we played basketball from the time we got there, maybe about 10 – 10:30, to about 2 in the morning.”

Because there were men like Robert F Kennedy who delivered words “from the back of a flatbed truck didn’t come from a speechwriter.” “He had it written on a little piece of paper that I’d seen him have folded up in his hand. He was able to connect and so that not only you heard the words that he said, you believe that he felt the words that he said.”